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About Us

Our Team

Brch & Wyn is proudly owned by Keystone Hospitality and Sommelier and award winning Beverage Director, Jonny Kirwin.  Our kitchen is lead by the talented and award winning Keystone Hospitality Culinary Director Arron Carley.  Our team is passionate about providing you with an experience you won’t forget, and we look forward to welcoming you into our new venture!



Can’t decide if you want exceptional coffee or exceptional wine?  Perhaps it’s noon and you could go either way?  We have you covered here at Brch & Wyn!   Coffee shop by day, wine bar by night, with the added bonus of being able to enjoy your glass of wine at any time of the day! 


Birch Trees can only be found in the Northern Hemisphere, which is the Canadian inspiration of our cafe and Wyn (which is Afrikaans for wine) connects our South African roots to our Canadian ones.  The daytime cafe offers espresso-based beverages from Cambridge roaster Monigram, as well as unique coffee from London based Cafezia, which infuses herbs with organic coffee to give you a clean, focused energy to support your mind and body.  Brch also offers “un-coffee” drinks which incorporate superfoods and flavours such as beetroot chai latte, spiced carrot cake, energizer latte and more!  Lunch options range from house made toasted sandwiches, soups, chilli, health forward grab & go salad bowls, fresh spring rolls with peanut sauce and more.  


Wyn offers an expansive wine selection, curated by our sommeliers who are at your service to introduce you to our selection and help you to choose from our  ever expanding wine list.   To compliment the wine, Wyn offers an expansive charcuterie  selection that can be made to order based on your preferences, including several vegan options.  There’s something for everyone !  


At Brch & Wyn, we pride ourselves on our ability to offer an exceptional experience from start to finish.  Come for the food and drinks but stay for the incredibly cozy and warm atmosphere!


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